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This page is about the creator/ inventor (if you want to call him that) of Fire On Ice. All we can tell you is to read and be careful! These are public records and articles for your reading. Convicted felons can not recieve your credit card information so be carefull who you give it to!



Violation Date

Section Statute




Plea Date


Dispo Date




530.5(a) PC


Unauthorized use of personal identifying information







484e(d) PC


Acquire access cards using different names







496(a) PC


Receiving stolen property







487(a) PC


Grand theft





Breaking news as or 03 03 09! Mark Georgantas a FUGITIVE AGAIN!

Channel 7 News Report from 03 05 09:

See the Video!


Turkish Daily News: News Story:


Monterey County Herald:


Sun Star:


OC Register:


Press Enterprise


LA Times:


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Orange County Daily Pilot report 03 05 09:

 Slippery suspect warrants $1M

Man left justice center after telling authorities he had to go to the bathroom. He has escaped jail in the past.

By Joseph Serna

Updated: Thursday, March 5, 2009 8:49 PM PST
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A $1-million warrant has been issued for a Tustin man who punched a Costa Mesa police officer in 2006 and tricked authorities earlier this week to escape during his trial.

Police are looking for Mark Thomas Georgantas, 46, who is proving to be a slippery one for Orange County Sheriff’s deputies. Georgantas was on trial at Santa Ana’s Central Justice Center Wednesday for credit card fraud and grand theft when he told the court he had to use the restroom.

He was free on $50,000 bail, court records show.

When authorities went to look for Georgantas, he was long gone.

This isn’t the first time Georgantas has fled from authorities.

In October 2003, he and another man escaped James Musick Jail in Irvine by using their bedding to hop barbed-wire fences in the middle of the night.

Reports at the time said he then stole a car and drove to Los Angeles, where he was caught later that day.

Wednesday, Georgantas was convicted of credit card fraud and grand theft. His sentencing was scheduled for March 27.

The charges stemmed from an arrest in Costa Mesa in 2006 when police approached him on a probation violation and found a briefcase full of stolen credit card information he was using to buy materials for his fireplace business.

When the Costa Mesa officer attempted to arrest him, Georgantas resisted and punched the officer in the face.

Police also found a gun on him.

Georgantas is considered armed and dangerous.

Anyone with information regarding his whereabouts is urged to call police.

Reporter JOSEPH SERNA may be reached at (714) 966-4619 or at




Public Notice from the Orange County DA's office 03 03 09






I was in the middle of my rebuttal argument when we broke for lunch.  Georgantas returned from lunch, told the bailiff he had to go to the bathroom, but walked out with his personal effects.  In fact, he fled.   There is currently a one million dollar warrant out for his arrest.  I finished my argument without the defendant present.


(The fact of the warrant is public record, you can tell anyone who you feel has an interest in knowing.)



I'll let you know the verdicts  once I know them.  

DA's office


Wednesday, March 11, 2009
Man who walked away from trial caught in San Diego




530.5(a) PC


Unauthorized use of personal identifying information



Found Guilty by Jury



484e(d) PC


Acquire access cards using different names



Found Guilty by Jury



496(a) PC


Receiving stolen property



Found Guilty by Jury



487(a) PC


Grand theft



Found Guilty by Jury


  sentencing 03 27 09, stay tuned for the outcome!


ActionAction DateAmount
FORFEITED 03/03/2009 $50,000.00
Active 12/26/2008 $50,000.00
12/26/2008 $50,000.00 All American Bail Bonds International Fidelity Insurance Company

Case Status: Warrant as of 03 03 2009

Case Stage: - Release Status: Fugitive






Above are the violations just recently charged to Mark Georgantas. The founder of Fire on Ice! This person is a convicted Felon and can not receive any checks or credit cards from anyone unless he discloses that he is a convicted felon for these types of crimes. So he uses different names to avoid this minor detail. Above you will see just a few of his recent activities and below there are 6 PDF files on his last few years of activities. Interesting reading at best. We post this information as a public service for you the public. If you had a molester a rapist in your neighborhood you would want to know, wouldn't you?


Below you will see his court dates. Send the Orange County California DA your opinion on why they keep letting him out of jail. I can only guess it is because of job security.


Scheduled Hearings
2 hearings found, displaying all hearings.1

DateTimeHearing Type - ReasonCourtroom
01/16/2009 09:00 AM Pre Trial Trial Setting Conference C30
01/27/2009 09:00 AM Jury Trial - C30


Below you will see his bail amount and as you can see $500,000.00 must mean you’re not a nice person!

One bond found.1

DetailsBail DatePost AmountBondsmanSurety
ActionAction DateAmount
Active 12/31/2007 $500,000.00
12/31/2007 $500,000.00 All American Bail Bonds International Fidelity Insurance Company

We don’t post this information for competitive reasons. We post it because we are tired of hearing people getting ripped off or just plain cheated. Competition very healthy for any business as it makes you try harder and be more creative to the public. But from what I have seen and heard of in the last few years, I am just feed up with this guys antics! He has over $700.000.00 to pay in restitution just to the State of California Restitution Board! These people will never see their money and that is very sad.

Here are 6 PDF files for your reading from the Orange County DA's office on The Creator of Fire on Ice. If your going to print these files your going to need more paper. This is a must read!

Fire on Ice 1

Fire on Ice 2

Fire on Ice 3

Fire on Ice 4

Fire on Ice 5

Fire on Ice 6

Public Alert!
Mark Georgantas of Fire on Ice was captured today 01 10 06 and is in jail in Orange County. See the truth about Fire on Ice page for more details

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Or call 1 800 321 CSLB


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Complaint information about a licensee is disclosed after the complaint has been fully investigated and has been referred for legal action. Complaints involving probable violations that will likely result in legal action referral are also disclosed. (See flow chart describing the CSLB's complaint handling process.)



Mark Thomas Georgantas  
  In Custody as of ( 01-10-2006 at 13:00 )  
  Orange County California  
  Orange Country Sheriffs Department  
  Booking Number : 2297120  
  more information below  
2297120 GEORGANTAS , Mark 091062 MALE WHITE STREET Jail: Intake/Release Ctr Arrested By: ORANGE COUNTY SHERIFF
Primary Charge: BATTERY CEO President of Fireonice Innovations

2297118  ESTELL , Rita 081860 FEMALE BLACK STREET Jail: Intake/Release CtrArrested By: ORANGE COUNTY SHERIF
Rita Estell Board of Directors for Fireonice Innovations

Mark Georgantas & Rita Estell of,, FireOnIce, FireOnIce innovations Inc, FireOnIce inc.
  Mark Georgantas of,, FireOnIce, FireOnIce innovations Inc, FireOnIce inc.  
  Mark Georgantas is know as Frank Rogers also known as Chris Osman  
  If you have any information about of this person you are to contact: Orange County Sheriffs Office and the District Attorneys office in Orange County in California  at 714-834-3600 ( Bill Overton )  
  This person is wanted for several warrants for his arrest that stems directly from,, FireOnIce, FireOnIce innovations, inc, FireOnIce inc.  
  California Corporations Status  
  Nevada Corporations Status  
  Better Business Bureau Web Site, FireOnIce - Newport Beach, ca  
  Joliet West High School - Class of 1980 -MARK GEORGANTAS  
  Mark Georgantas in the afternoon. The 41-year-old Newport Beach man surrendered when his car got a flat tire after a ... - 24k -
  CBS 2 / KCAL 9: Your Source For Southern California's Breaking ...  
  Mark Thomas Georgantas, 41, a Newport Beach inventor, jumped out of a gray Nissan Altima at 3:35 pm He raised his arms above his head, ending a drama that   
  Two inmates escape from Musick jail 10/02/03  



As of our last verification on December 19, 2005, the Bureau could find no evidence of a contractor's licensefor this business with the State Contractor's Board. We believe this company is operating as an unlicensed contractor. Individuals or companies who perform construction services which total $500 or more are required to obtain licensing and a bond with the Contractors State License Board. For the most up to date information on the license status you may call the Board at 1-800-321-CSLB, or visit their website at  

  Orange Country Sheriff's Department Web Site  
  (menu : Eservices )  >>>  ( menu : who is in Jail) >>>>> ( Search By Booking Number)--(type : 2297120)  
Inmate Name:   Georgantas, Mark Thomas  
Booking Number:  
Date of Birth:   09-10-1962  
Sex:  Male  
  Race: White  
Height: ;5' 11   Weight:  220 lbs.  
Hair Color:  Brown   Eye Color: Brown  
Occupation:   SALES  
Next Appearance Date: 01-12-2006  
Next Appearance Court:    
Housing Location:   Central         Mens Jail  
Custody Status:   In Custody  
Bail Amount:   Ineligible  
Arrested on:   01-10-2006 at 13:00  
Case Summary - 5 Cases:  
  Case Book Date Significant Charge Warrant / Case Number Jurisdiction   Disposition  
  BK   01-10-06   PC 243   HARBOR JUSTICE CENTER  
  A   01-10-06   CC 31201   04CF0865   CENTRAL JUSTICE CENTER  
  B   01-10-06   PC 148(A)(1)   05CM03396   CENTRAL JUSTICE CENTER  
  C   01-10-06   PC 4532(B)   03HF1374   CENTRAL SUPERIOR COURT  
  01   01-10-06   VC 2800.2(A)   XCNBA267517   LOS ANGELES  
  Booking Case:
         Case Name:
  Booked on: 01-10-2006  at 16:13   Warrant / Case Number:  
    Jurisdiction:  HARBOR JUSTICE CENTER  
  Bail Amount: $20,000.00    
  Arresting Agency:;ORANGE COUNTY SHERIFF   Number of Charges 2  
Count   Degree   Section   Description  
  01   Felony   PC   12020   POSSESS/MANUFACTURE/SE  
  01   Misdemeanor   PC   243   BATTERY  
  Case A:
         Case Name:
  Booked on:01-10-2006  at 17:06   Warrant / Case Number : ;04CF0865  
  Bail Amount: NO BAIL   Jurisdiction: CENTRAL JUSTICE CENTER  
  Number of Charges: 2  
  Arresting Agency : ORANGE COUNTY SHERIFF    
  Count   Degree   Code   Section   Description  
  01   Felony   CC   31201   FRAUD:SALE OF FRANCHIS  
  01   Felony   CC   25110   SELL UNQUALIFIED SECUR  
  Case B:
         Case Name:
  Booked on: 01-10-2006 at 17:07   Warrant / Case Number: 05CM03396  
  Bail Amount: $50,000.00   Jurisdiction: CENTRAL JUSTICE CENTER  
  Arresting Agency: ORANGE COUNTY SHERIFF  
    Number of Charges: 1  
  Count   Degree   Code   Section   Description  
  01   Misdemeanor   PC   148(A)(1)   RESISTING ARREST  
Case C:
         Case Name:
  Booked on:01-10-2006 at 17:07  
    Warrant / Case Number: 03HF1374  
  Bail Amount: NO BAIL   Jurisdiction:  CENTRAL SUPERIOR COURT  
  Arresting Agency ORANGE COUNTY SHERIFF   Number of Charges: 1  
  Count   Degree   Code   Section   Description  
  01   Felony   PC   4532(B)   ESC:CHG W/FEL/FORCE/VI  
Case 01:
         Case Name:
  Booked on:  01-10-2006         at 22:07   Warrant / Case Number: XCNBA267517  
  Bail Amount:  NO         BAIL   Jurisdiction:  LOS ANGELES  
  Arresting Agency : SHERIFF'S DEPT-JAIL   Number of Charges:2  
  Count   Degree   Code   Section   Description  
  01   Felony   VC   2800.2(A)   WANTON DISREGARD SAFET  
  01   Felony   VC   20002(A)   HIT AND RUN/PROPERTY D  

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2 Escape From Irvine Jail; 1 Is Captured After Chase

By Mai Tran
October 01, 2003 in print edition B-1

A Newport Beach man once accused of impersonating an attorney escaped from a low-security jail in Irvine with an accomplice Tuesday in a flight that involved bloodied razor wire, a rented getaway car and a televised high-speed chase.

The escapee’s undoing, authorities said, was that the getaway car, rented by an unknowing accomplice, was equipped with an electronic-tracking device.

Mark Thomas Georgantas, 41, of Newport Beach eventually surrendered to officials after a pursuit through Orange and Los Angeles counties. Authorities are still searching for James William Costilow, 23, of Riverside.

Georgantas was serving time for grand theft and conspiracy to defraud and was awaiting trial on other charges, said Jim Amormino, spokesman for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. Costilow had been arrested on suspicion of possessing burglary tools and was also awaiting trial, Amormino said.

The men were present during a midnight roll call at the James A. Musick Branch Jail, a minimum security jail in Irvine, but were missing during a 5 a.m. check, Amormino said.

“Somehow, they were able to leave their barracks without setting off the alarm,” he said.

The men climbed over the first row of razor-wire fences into a field, then tried to climb over a second set of 15-foot fences topped with two rows of razor wire, Amormino said. After the men got scraped up, they slipped through a storm drain that they pried open with a bar found at the farm.

“The storm drain cover was fastened to the cement with a dozen bolts,” Amormino said.

The men ran through an industrial complex at Alton Parkway and Irvine Boulevard, where they left behind blood and jail-issued jumpsuits, then fled in different directions, officials said. Costilow may have been picked up by a waiting car. Georgantas ran to a nearby pay phone, where he called his girlfriend, who picked him up in a rented car at Trabuco and Culver drives.

“He tricked her into picking him up by saying that he was being released early from jail,” Amormino said.

When she arrived, they got into an argument and Georgantas pushed her out of the car and fled, he said. The unidentified woman will not face criminal charges, authorities said.

The escapes prompted a seven-hour manhunt with helicopters, bloodhounds and a search team. The rental car company eventually activated the car’s global-positioning-satellite system, which spotted Georgantas about 2:30 p.m. at Eastern and 3rd streets in an unincorporated area of East Los Angeles, authorities said.

Georgantas led officials on a 30-minute pursuit that snaked through Alhambra, west on the San Bernardino Freeway, then south on the Long Beach Freeway, where he got off at Washington Boulevard, said California Highway Patrol Officer Ron Burch. When he tried to get back on the freeway, CHP officers rammed his car to try to stop him but were unsuccessful.

Georgantas continued north on the Long Beach Freeway to the Santa Ana Freeway, then north on the Hollywood Freeway before the car’s right front tire blew out. He got off at Alameda Street, and his car was boxed in behind a city bus near Arcadia Street. He got out of the car with his hands in the air, waving a note, and was arrested without further incident. It was unknown what the note said.

Authorities said that Georgantas now faces additional charges of jail escape, carjacking, robbery, assault and reckless driving. Costilow will face escape charges when he is caught, Amormino said. Both men, he added, will be transferred to the Orange County Jail, a maximum security facility.



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 Tony Rackauckas, District Attorney
401 Civic Center Drive West
Santa Ana, CA 92701


For Immediate Release

Case# 06HF1759


March 5, 2009


Susan Kang Schroeder
Public Affairs Counsel
Office: 714-347-8408
Cell: 714-292-2718

Farrah Emami
Office: 714-347-8405
Cell: 714-323-4486


* District Attorney is asking for public’s help in locating the defendant. Booking photo is available upon request.


SANTA ANA – The Orange County District Attorney is asking for the public’s help in locating a felon who fled during trial and was convicted in absentia of fraud for using stolen credit card information to further his fireplace-parts business. Georgantas is considered dangerous because he has a prior conviction for battering a police officer. Mark Thomas Georgantas, 46, Tustin, was found guilty by a jury yesterday, March 4, 2009, of one felony count of the unlawful use of personal identifying information, one felony count of acquiring access card account information, one felony count of receiving stolen property, and one felony count of grand theft. A $1 million warrant has been issued for his arrest. Georgantas faces a maximum sentence of three years and eight months in state prison. A sentencing date has been set for March 27, 2009, in Department C-44, Central Justice Center, Santa Ana.


Georgantas is a part-owner of a Santa Fe Springs company, Fire on Ice, which manufactures fireplace products. Between Dec. 16, 2005, and Jan. 10, 2006, Georgantas used stolen credit card information belonging to other people to sustain his business by purchasing parts to build products for his company and making payments on invoices for company answering services.


In January 2006, the defendant was arrested in a Costa Mesa hotel lobby on a warrant for violating probation on another criminal case related to the fraudulent sale of business franchises. At the time of his arrest, Georgantas was in possession of a briefcase full of stolen credit card information belonging to other people, which led to the investigation and charges in this case. The defendant struck the arresting officer, giving the officer a black eye. He was also in possession of a gun. Georgantas pleaded guilty on May 24, 2006, to possession of a firearm by a felon, resisting an officer, and battery on a peace officer (Case # 06HF0063). He was sentenced to 240 days in jail in that case.


The most recent trial against Georgantas for grand theft and use of stolen credit cards lasted 10 days. After lunch on March 3, 2009, the ninth day of trial, Georgantas asked the court to use the restroom prior to resuming the People’s closing arguments. After leaving the courtroom, Georgantas fled the Central Justice Center and did not return for the conclusion of his trial. The Honorable John Conley issued a $1 million warrant for Georgantas’ arrest and resumed closing arguments in the trial without the defendant being present. Georgantas was convicted yesterday, March 4, 2009, in absentia.


As this defendant has been convicted of battery against a police officer, he is considered dangerous. Anyone with additional information about Georgantas’ whereabouts is asked to contact the police.


Senior Deputy District Attorney Doug Brannan of the Major Fraud Unit is prosecuting this case. 



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Will this ever stop?




Fireplace Glass, Fire Pit, Fire Pits, Fireglass, Fire Glass, fireplace glass, fire glass, fire pits,

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